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Our Mission

To enhance our national security by ensuring solutions are developed that harness the latest technology and fully meet the ever changing operational needs of those charged to protect us. 

Our Story

Formed by former military & intelligence professionals, along with specialist technology industry leaders, XDIA was created to bring the power of its unique insight to both the problem and the potential solution  in order to aid both industry and the User community. 

We provide truly expert advice on cross domain intelligence solutions.

XDIA can assist you in navigating  the multi-domain technology space and how to synchronise user requirements to cutting edge technologies.


The result :

  • Solutions are developed specifically to meet the User's operational needs.

  • Users can integrate and assimilate cutting edge solutions as soon as they become available.

XDIA has a unique combination of both operational and commercial experience. From expertise attained during full careers deployed on multiple operations, combined with knowledge gained through the successful creation and development of  world leading defence manufacturing companies, our staff can advise, mentor and educate both the contractor and the customer. Our ability to lead, and motivate, has been hard learnt over decades in the defence & intelligence sector,  in addition to the commercial. We offer the benefit from the lessons we have learned along the way,  that can now help streamline your evolution and creation of successful solutions and ultimately successful operations. 

Experienced Leadership

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