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We offer a range of services. If you think we can help, but it's not listed below, then contact us.

Our Services

Solution Architecture Advice

XDIA can advise on cross domain solution architecture. We help you fully understand the requirement allowing you to match it to the latest technologies that are applicable in the operational domains - maritime, land, air, space, and cyberspace.

Insider Knowledge Advice

Requirement Analysis is essential to help define the final solution. XDIA have a unique insider understanding of how systems shall be employed. We use this knowledge to provide context to your intended solutions to ensure they fully meet the requirement.

Support Services Advice

Post delivery, systems need ongoing support. XDIA have deep sector expertise in the provision of technical support in challenging environments. Putting a support plan together incurs risk. XDIA can mitigate that risk to ensure you maintain and develop your customer relationships post system delivery.

Network Development Advice

XDIA have long standing relationships with global technology developers and User communities. Where there is significant benefit to the User communities, we can help connect the dots to ensure Users know the systems exist.


We adapt to service your needs

Businesses are ever adapting to a changing landscape in order to stay competitive and ahead of the competition. XDIA knows there isn't a solution on the shelf that fits any specific need. We remain flexible and offer services that meet your requirements without disruption to your daily work flow. We advise only where we add value and where, as a result, we believe the end result will add significant value to the end User .

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