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The New Standard
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XDI Advisory sets a new standard in how to generate real value for both commercial businesses and customers in the defence and intelligence sector.

Let our unique experience help guide you to operate effectively in this capability area. 

Correctly matching user requirements to new and emerging science and technology optimises your chance of success.

Data Collection

Data is the precursor to intelligence. It can be collected in many domains. XDIA can help you understand these so you are better informed when you come to design.

Insightful Clarity

Don't waste time trying to find the right path. XDIA can quickly guide you to the architecture you need on which to build your solution.

Data Science 

Data domination is battlefield domination. Data science is the key to winning this battle. XDIA can advise you on what is achievable and how to harness it for full effect.

Customer Service enhances Customer Experience

To provide the ultimate customer service you must first understand what the customer needs. XDIA can provide that clarity and help you develop life long relationships.

Unprecedented Experience. Impeccable Credentials.

XDIA is truly unique. We are both sides of the same coin - users and industry, customer and business. Our history is one that gives us unrivalled understanding of how to operate within the multi-domain technological battlefield combined with decades in industry developing solutions that are now providing Users with enhanced operational capability.


We know what is needed and how technology can provide the solution in a way that fits the concept of operation. We are a match maker, not just for the here and now but for the future, when new technology will inform the new way the User will operate.

We are trusted by Users and Industry, having worked in both for decades, building reputations forged on honesty, integrity, punctuality and reliability.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Operations Supported


Countries Supported

If you want to know more about how we can help you with your ideas or requirements then click the red button below!

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